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Privatis Technology Corporation

Mortimer Marketing Group has worked extensively with Privatis Technology Corporation. Privatis provides telephone and email communication privacy products with extra layers of security as well as powerful conversation management tools that allow consumers to take control of their interactions, whether looking to buy, sell or connect on the Internet.

Website Design and Development
Privatis.com was launched in 2013 with the help of Mortimer Marketing Group. The clean, crisp new look, features the brand’s logo and colour scheme throughout the website, while offering browsers the information they’re looking for in an easy-to-navigate setting.

Mortimer Marketing Group has helped Privatis further its online reach by developing interactive videos, providing regular commentary on the website’s blog and providing support with company case studies.

The website is updated regularly with new content, supplied by Mortimer Marketing Group.

Video Development
Mortimer Marketing Group has helped deliver multimedia projects for Privatis. Video work for the startup includes the development of concept, script writing, working closely with a designer on storyboards, animation, coordinated voice overs, music overlay selection and final delivery.

In the spring of 2014, Mortimer Marketing Group will be working with Privatis to promote of their new mobile app, Privacy Shield, an enhanced communication utility that allows users to connect confidently while on the go.  It is filled with rich calling features and email capabilities that allow users to communicate with unsurpassed levels of privacy control. Visit Privatis.com to find out more.

Branding and Logo Development
With the help of Mortimer Marketing Group, Privatis Technology was able to launch a clean new look. Along with a new website, a entirely new branding appearance and logo were developed.

The Privatis brand, which is built on the idea of privacy, strength and safety of its clients, is reflected in its crisp, balanced logo.

This logo and colour scheme is now present in all of Privatis’ work, including online videos, case studies and real world marketing materials.

Marketing Collateral
Mortimer Marketing has also helped develop marketing materials that are used in everyday business settings by Privatis, including:

Digital marketing resources have also been prepared by Mortimer Marketing Group including:

  • Powerpoint templates
  • Social media banners